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"Trust '22"

"Trust '22"

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The phrase "In God We Trust, all others must pay cash" is a wry commentary on the intersection of faith, trust, and commerce in modern society. While the official motto of the United States, "In God We Trust," signifies a collective reliance on divine guidance and protection, the addition of "all others must pay cash" serves as a reminder that, in practical terms, human interactions often revolve around financial transactions and material considerations. This adage highlights the inherent tension between our spiritual and moral aspirations and the pragmatic realities of everyday life. It suggests that, although we may place our faith in a higher power, we must still navigate a world where trust in our fellow humans is often overshadowed by the demands of commerce and self-interest. By juxtaposing these two ideas, the phrase captures the complex and sometimes contradictory nature of our values, beliefs, and relationships in contemporary society.

100% Cotton

Made in Los Angeles

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