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"Loteria Dominicana"

"Loteria Dominicana"

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APT.4B x Tony Peralta present "Loteria Dominicana"

APT.4B and Dominican contemporary artist Tony Peralta of Washington Heights, NYC have come together to create a unique collaboration to celebrate Dominican Independence Day.  The collaboration is a fusion of Mexican and Dominican culture, as it incorporates the traditional Mexican board game Loteria into the design. The Loteria cards are adorned with illustrations of Dominican cultural symbols, such as "El Lechon" a traditional carnival mask and the popular phrase "De Lo Mio". The limited edition collection of t-shirts and crewneck designed by Peralta, incorporating his signature style of bold graphics and vibrant colors. The collaboration pays homage to the vibrant cultural heritage of both countries while also highlighting the similarities between them. APT.4B and Tony Peralta's collaboration showcases the power of art and fashion in bringing together different cultures to create something truly unique and beautiful.

100% Cotton

Made in Los Angeles

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