APT.4B™ was created as a visual installation art pop-up shop in 2013 and officially launched as a brand and concept store in 2015 by owners/creative partners Monique & Moon. APT.4B™ is an art piece in itself but was created as the vehicle to drive the brand's message and a way to immerse the consumer into the elements that inspire us from street culture. 
 The APT.4B™ Concept Shop reflects a 90s era New York city hustler’s apartment to better illustrate where the brand’s ideas & inspiration stem from. It was rooms & scenes like this in the late 80s and throughout the 90s that were the birthplace of street culture. These were the laboratories where music, fashion and the lifestyle were discussed & dissected. The APT.4B™ brand is aimed at paying homage to an era that spoke to US.
 The opening of APT.4B™ Concept Shop also gave birth to the “APT.4B™ Window Project” in where the storefront is themed on a quarterly basis in order to tell the story of a particular collaboration and/or a APT.4B™ product release. The window gives the viewer a more in-depth look at the idea and/or inspiration behind that project. 
Welcome to APT.4B™
517 N. Fairfax Ave. 
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
M-Sat / 12 - 7
Sun / 12 - 6