The Nike Air Max 95, particularly the iconic OG Neon colorway, has had a lasting impact on NYC street and hip hop fashion since its debut in 1995. Designed by Sergio Lozano, this groundbreaking sneaker combined a sleek, futuristic aesthetic with unparalleled comfort, courtesy of its innovative air-cushioned sole. The striking neon accents against the gradient gray layers made it an instant classic, quickly becoming a staple for urban style enthusiasts. The Air Max 95 effortlessly complemented various wardrobe staples, such as sweatpants, nylon pants, and camo, making it the go-to choice for trendsetters and hip hop artists alike. Over the years, the sneaker's influence has transcended mere fashion, earning it a revered status within the city's cultural fabric. Today, the Air Max 95 remains a symbol of New York's vibrant streetwear scene, its enduring appeal a testament to the powerful connection between hip hop culture and sneaker design.